About the Conference

Technology changes faster than most business can keep up with. Implementing cybersecurity best practices across an increasingly unstructured and decentralized network is one of the most vexing challenges facing organizations and companies today.

Automation, information sharing, intelligence, knowing your enemy, and identifying risk, as well as the economics of risk are key cybersecurity strategy measures to focus on in order to keep pace with modern threats.

Borderless Cyber will provide you with critical information that helps you determine the right combination of these measures in an effort to build up your cybersecurity strategy’s confidence.

A diverse hand-picked group of global cybersecurity experts have been invited to share their recommendations and real-world experiences over the two-day conference program. Conference organizers, The World Bank, OASIS Open Consortium, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology, and Georgetown University, are confident that the Borderless Cyber program will help you succeed in building a solid foundation of controls that preempt, detect and help remediate your risks.

What you’ll get out of it:

  • Automation strategies that save money and enhance workforces
  • Tips to quickly identify and track adversaries in this new era of cyber attacks
  • Quantified risk-based approaches
  • Intelligence monitoring techniques and practices
  • Actionable threat intel sharing efforts to improve defenses against cyber adversaries 

About the Borderless Cyber Conference Series

Borderless Cyber is an international, executive-level conference series that began in 2015. It brings together public and private sector cybersecurity experts to evaluate, debate, and collaborate on best practices and solutions.

Previous Borderless Cyber events were held in partnership with The World Bank in Washington, D.C., with the European Parliament in Brussels, and with Keio University in Tokyo. Most recently the conference was held at the U.S. Customs House in New York City and in Prague along with the FIRST organization.

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