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For the sixth annual Borderless Cyber Conference, jointly organized by The World Bank, OASIS Open Standards Consortium, and Georgetown University (S2ERC).

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Future Proofing: Take Your Cybersecurity Confidence to the Next Level

Technology changes faster than most business can keep up with. Implementing cybersecurity best practices across an increasingly unstructured and decentralized network is one of the most vexing challenges facing organizations and companies today.

Cybersecurity strategies must evolve if they hope to keep pace with a modern threat environment that includes sophisticated threats capable of evading standard security measures. The right combination of technology solutions and tools, intelligence, collaboration and people are key to “future-proofing” your security operations.

The Borderless Cyber Conference can help. The conference is specifically designed to bring together an exclusive group of public and private CIOs, CISOs and cyber threat intelligence experts from around the globe to exchange ideas and learn about cybersecurity strategies that really are working.

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Borderless Cyber is hosted at The World Bank Group's IFC Auditorium

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