Auditorium Oct 03, 2018 11:20 - 12:20

Users and vendors are utilizing OASIS standards like OpenC2 to achieve automation gains for cheaper/better/faster cybersecurity. Hear from panelists about their success and their learnings in this area.

  • Mike Stair of AT&T will talk about the savings from a user perspective from their program using OpenC2, as well as work AT&T is doing in open source in this area.

  • Phil Royer of Phantom will present the advantages of this standard to an orchestration vendor and what it means to Phantom's customers.

  • Efrain Ortiz of Symantec will present his open source tool which assists both developers and users of OpenC2.

  • Daniel Riedel of New Context will present what OpenC2 means for getting to the "left of boom" in the energy industry and IoT in general.

Then the panel will discuss collectively the benefits and challenges of security automation and answer audience questions.

New Context Services
CEO & Founder
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Director Technology Security


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