Auditorium Oct 04, 2018 11:50 - 12:20

With some estimates stating that up to 2/3 of cyberattacks are targeting small and medium businesses, it is imperative that public and private sector leaders develop programs and tools to support this segment of the global economy better secure their assets from hyper evolving threats such as ransomware. One of the primary obstacles to addressing this issue is the lack of resources these businesses have to dedicate toward implementing cybersecurity and cyber hygiene programs. This session will explore the role that government and the private sector must play in helping small and medium businesses defend themselves against digital threats.

ICIT Fellow & Senior Vice President, Cybersecurity Evangelist
Director, Advisory, Federal Cybersecurity
Micro Focus Government Solutions
Security Strategist
The MITRE Corpo.
Principal Cyber Policy Counsel and ICIT Fellow


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